Recommended, 2022

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Note board painted on the wall

  • Wall color in gray (eg

      from Alpina; hardware store)
    • Paint roller for wall paints (hardware store)
    • Malerkrepp (hardware store)
    • Panel color in green (eg by Rayher)
    • Paint roller (eg from Perfecta, hardware store)
    • Chalk (craft shop)
    • spirit level
    • pencil

    1. Paint wall in gray. Let dry.

    2. Use the spirit level to draw two parallel lines. Then stick masking tape on the lines. Brush the edges of the masking tape again with the wall paint, so that no panel paint can be pulled under the masking tape.

    3. Paint the resulting strip several times with green board color. Let dry. Carefully remove the masking tape.

    4. Label with chalk.

    Tip: Apply blackboard paint on walls up to four times.