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Pink presents naked acrobatics

After Schwindelnummer Pink wants to be fat



The most spectacular appearance during the award ceremony of this year's Grammy Awards put Pink: Nominated for two trophies (best female singer and best pop album), she gave her hit Glitter in the Air at dizzying heights to the best. At the same time she glittered, but at the same time she showed herself dressed in a skin-colored catsuit. No problem for the rock tube, which was only afraid to fall on her bare butt. Actually, she has been a bit disoriented after the dizzying acrobatics number, admits Pink. Not so in real life: recently reunited happily with ex-husband Carey Hart ("we've never really divorced, because we hate paperwork"), she has pretty concrete ideas from the near future: "I've just completed a year-and-a-half tour completed. Now I'm going home, cooking and getting fat. "Then we're just glad that we were just allowed to admire her dead body in action!