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Schuhtrend You've never seen Doc Martens like that before

Doc Martens are the cult boots of the nineties. But recently they are all wearing again.

Doc Martens are back
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They are the fashionable symbol of the grunge era along with the plaid shirt and corduroys: Doc Martens is our favorite footwear trend that has returned from the nineties. If you think of Kurt Cobain, Chuck or Doc Martens will automatically be in your head.

No wonder, because the boots are not only announced again, but also simply practical. Especially in winter, boots make sense when it is muddy or snowy outside.

Now, the nineties boot is not only experiencing a renewed boom, but there are also great collections coming in again. Such as the Bandana collection. With these boots you wear an absolute eye-catcher on the foot. We love this nineties trend!

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There are even more models of the Doc Martens Bandana collection:

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