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Optical illusion: picture shows face from two perspectives

Photo: SIphotography / iStock

Front or side view?

The artist Baika Bk has made a portrait that makes his viewers speechless. In this photo you have to look twice ... or three times.

What do you see in this picture ? A man who looks ahead or turns to the side? Or somehow both? This optical illusion by the Brazilian artist Baika Bk delights people, has been published and shared on Facebook thousands of times.

So it does not always have to be a gimmicky video or a sensational action that will amaze your fellow human beings. Even an artful portrait that you can watch for minutes, without being smart, manages to fascinate us.

But the form of the portrait is not entirely new. Already Pablo Picasso liked to play with the perspectives and found prominent imitators in the advertising industry as well as the German music scene. But see for yourself: