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Pencil Skirt combine: How to succeed the look!

Whether leather, wool or jersey: The pencil skirt is good in all fabrics. Depending on the material's strength, it nestles particularly close to the body, so pay attention to suitable laundry!
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  1. Dresscode Pencil Skirt
  2. Who likes the Pencil Skirt?
  3. The basic rule for pencil skirt suits:
  4. Dos and Dont's for Pencil Skirt-Styling:
  5. Which tops fit the Pencil Skirt?
  6. Which shoes are perfect for the Pencil Skirt?

Dresscode Pencil Skirt

Not only since the TV series "Mad Men" a must in our closet: The Pencil Skirt sets curves great scene and is just because of its office suitability so popular. Here are the matching styling tips.

Who likes the Pencil Skirt?

Women with curves or a defined waist will find the perfect companion in a pencil skirt. He staged feminine curves particularly beautiful, concealed with his narrow cut but also nothing. Therefore, beware of small tummy!

The basic rule for pencil skirt suits:

The Pencil Skirt stands for body emphasis, so tops are best always stuck in the waistband or at least a corner "tuck". If you have a styling that is too close-fitting, choose tops that reach as far as the hip bone.

Dos and Dont's for Pencil Skirt-Styling:

Blouses always go! They make the pencil skirt office ready and are a serious - but anything but stuffy - journeyman. Also great: sporty sweaters that break the elegant look of the skirt. Better not: Extra-long sweaters and oversize tops add charm to the pencil skirt. The set scenes also want to be seen!

Which tops fit the Pencil Skirt?

Check shirt by Jake * s on, about 40 euros. Boxy cut print shirt by InWear, ca. 70 Euro. Sweater with gemstones by Christian Berg, about 60 euros.

Blouses and shirts are the perennial favorite for the Pencil Skirt . Checkered models create a rocking yet elegant look. Boxy-cut tops with colored prints provide a little distraction from the curve star - and even hide small tummies. The sporty sweater breaks with the elegance of the skirt and creates an exciting play of contrasts.

Which shoes are perfect for the Pencil Skirt?

Sandals from Miss Selfridge, about 50 euros. Pumps con Buffalo, about 100 euros. Chelsea Boots by Deichmann, about 30 euros. Plateau sneakers from H & M, about 30 euros.

Sandals are the airy alternative to pumps. They are especially popular with ankle straps. But be careful: they visually shorten the leg. Nude tones soften the effect. Classic, simple pumps complete every pencil skirt outfit. They emphasize its femininity, support its respectable side and yet remain discreetly in the background. Ankle-high leather boots are a great contrast to the elegant skirt and give it a masculine touch. The narrow shoe cut does not make the feet look clunky anyway. Sneakers with plateau sole trim the Pencil Skirt on trend and create an outfit of the opponent: sporty vs. elegant, rough vs. narrow, unisex vs. Female. Excellent!

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