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Embarrassing performances: Kristen Stewart has no style

Kristen Stewart presents nipples and disgusting toes

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart may be affiliated with one of the world's most attractive young stars, but boyfriend Robert Pattinson is all she adorns. In terms of dress style and body care, she leaves a lot to be desired. At the ELLE Style Awards she had recently appeared in strappy sandals, but had forgotten the necessary pedicure and revealed yellow, unkempt toe nails at the sight of which we felt sick. Not so long ago she appeared at the London Fashion Week in an outfit, in their compilation she certainly did not consult a style consultant. Quite apart from the fact that skirt and blouse were a nasty combination, she had given up a bra for no reason at all. So she gave us a clear view of a pair of hard nipples, which might make one or the other male fan to dream, the style police but to shake his head. Next Performance: The Remember Me Premiere in New York. Kristen wears a boring black T-shirt off the rack, golden leggings of brand curtain fabric and unwashed hair. Sunday is the Oscar ceremony, and we are honestly a little worried, which garrison Kirsten come up with it. Stars and their style - on COSMO Online:

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