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Normcore: Is the anti-trend the end of the hipsters?

Kristen Stewart (l.) And Julianne Moore are already in the Normcore look and are thus fully in line with the trend.
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  1. The new normal
  2. Unobtrusiveness is the trump card
  3. Equality is trendy

The new normal

Jute bags, beards, Nike sneakers - those who stroll through German inner cities can not ignore hipsters and their status symbols. What was originally intended to stand out from the crowd has now become the mainstream uniform that can easily be chased by anyone. So it's time for a new trend - and it comes from a very surprising direction.

Unobtrusiveness is the trump card

If you are looking for the founders of K-Hole, a New York trend research agency, we will soon be all dressed up, with clothes that could have come from the supermarket around the corner. Normcore is the name of the game, a combination of "normal" and "hardcore". What hipsters are skinny jeans and horn-rimmed glasses, the Normcorer is his slick sweater.

Sinking unspectacularly in the crowd and not attract attention, that's Normcore . Not out of shyness, but simply because there are other things than constantly worrying about your own outfit. The exaggerated individuality strikes namely in the long run and why should you even bother, if in the end anyway everyone looks the same? The fact that the new trend is well received is shown by its rapid spread via social networks such as Twitter and Instagram.

Equality is trendy

Group membership becomes completely unimportant - Normcorer no longer count themselves among a small circle of "knowledgeable" who are up to date with the latest trends and who communicate about their clothing. So they want to be open to any person.

The Normcore philosophy is backed by a '90s-inspired clothing style reminiscent of Jerry Seinfeld and Apple founder Steve Jobs. Anyone can do this by being fashionably inspired by package tourists. Bleached jeans and even white socks in sandals are encouraged. The main thing, no effort has been made. Even Hollywood stars like Ryan Gosling, Kristen Stewart and Léa Seydoux have already been spotted in the Normcore look.

Nice that you do not have to worry about the outfit with this trend for a change. For relaxed Sundays this is definitely something, but every day in Schlabber look to spend is a bit boring. It is also questionable how "Normcore" one is, if one follows the trend around the trend will.

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