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Narcissim Today: The Selfies from the Apple Store

Hach yes, the alienation tool ...
Photo: Tumblr / Narcissism Today

Tumblr blog shows forgotten snapshots

What happens in the Apple Store remains in the Apple Store? Hardly - at least not when Gavin Schneider finds the left behind selfies and publishes on his blog.

Anyone who has ever been to an Apple Store knows it: The urge to take a picture with the iPad, iPhone or MacBook that you are trying out. Just for the sample. And there are funny photo effects too! So quickly mum or girlfriend get picked up and the Apple Store Selfie is ready.

But one should not forget one thing: delete the photos afterwards. Blogger Gavin Schneider has the greatest fun finding the relics of self-expression and posting them on his Tumblr blog, Narcissism Today . He finds plenty of material in New York's Apple stores, where he transmits the images via Airdrop to his mobile phone.

In addition to the typical grimaces, Narcissism Today also appears to see confused older vintages and more secretly photographed parents from modern technology. The sight of the selfies makes us smile a lot, but at the same time it scares us - did we really erase our clown picture with the best friend last time?

The funniest pictures can be seen above!

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