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Naomi Campbell undresses for Roberto Cavalli

With 41 naked again: Naomi Campbell is still crisp

Naomi Campbell

Even with her 41 Lenzen Naomi Campbell does not have to be inconspicuous or to hang her career as a model on the nail. When she's not angry, she's causing a sensation with a lot of bare skin. However, after her nipple pans recently she is now officially retiring, for the new campaign of designer Roberto Cavalli. Naomi Campbell wears a tight lingerie set with leopard print. In the first, just released shots, she proves that beyond the 4 -0 everything is in the right place with her. In the tight leopard-print lingerie set, she shows more naked skin than we've seen lately, at least on purpose. Look at the ad images and tell us if you think you should present yourself in Naomi Campbell's age

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