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Video: Baby is crying with joy as his mother sings

Photo: Screenshot YouTube / Alain Leroux

So small and so emotional!

Little Mary Lynne Leroux is only ten months old in this video. She can not understand the lyrics of the song, yet her mother's song touches her tears.

It is not unusual for babies to cry. Usually they just try to make themselves felt when they are hungry, tired or simply want to be noticed by their parents. But little Mary Lynne is crying so cute and uninhibited for another reason: for joy.

Her mother Amanda sings a song for her and the cute baby can not hold back his emotions . Granted, the song 'My Heart Can not Tell You No' by Sara Evans is really an emotional piece. Mary Lynne's reaction is nevertheless overwhelming: after all, the little girl should not understand a word of what her mother sings exactly!

However, the tears that run across the face of little Fratz speak a different language. Here are clearly big emotions in the game. It seems as if the baby can reflect the feelings described in the song. But do not worry: at the end of the video it turns out that it was really just tears of joy that Mary Lynne Leroux shed. When her mother finishes the song, the little girl smiles immediately.

Our tip: If you look at the video below, you should have handkerchiefs within reach. The clip can repeatedly make you cry. The 40.5 million clicks on prove it's not just us.