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Styling: The white blouse in the summer look

Bright joy: the models at Levi's
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Always good!

With a white blouse you always have good cards. Important details this season: bow, ruffles and blouses without collar. The classic is compatible with all its fellow players and is a win for any styling .

What am I wearing under a white blouse ?

White lingerie is the least noticeable under a white blouse? Not correct! Those who do not want to reveal what they are wearing "underneath" choose a skin-colored shirt or a skin-colored bra made of microfibre. Both are almost invisible under white clothing.

Unless, of course, you want to consciously make an eye-catcher in the neckline during an evening event. In this case, a shirt with a lace trim in a pastel tone like rosé, mint, lavender or apricot is recommended.

Airy and light summer joy! A white blouse makes every color shine even stronger. You can find the most beautiful outfits to buy in our gallery!