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Mother and baby: the most beautiful pictures of a special love

We celebrate the love between mother and child with the most beautiful baby photos of Pinterest.
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Beautiful pictures: Moms love their babies so much

The most beautiful pictures of the love between mother and baby in the first days together, we have collected here for you.

A baby is changing your life. A baby makes your life so much richer. A baby reminds you of what is really important in life. A baby brings endless love into your life.

We have collected the most beautiful pictures of love between mother and child here for you.


You are my one and only.

Whatever happens, I will protect you.

I will accompany you with each of your steps.

You make my life so much richer.

To hold you in the arms is the greatest happiness for me.

I wish that nothing bad ever happens to you.

Your little hands in my hands are a perfect miracle.

Again and again you make me speechless.

I owe you the most beautiful and funniest moments.

You and me, we belong together from now on forever.

Your chuckling laughter is the most beautiful melody for me.

I love being your mom!

And when you grow up, I want to be a good advisor in all circumstances.

Because your happiness is for me the most important thing on earth.

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