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Crafting instructions for a cool Wandutensilo

That's how work is fun!
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Ideas for the workplace

So the work becomes a pleasure: Here comes a clever craft idea for a clever policeman who fits perfectly into every home office.

That's what you need for the paper utensil:

  • Computer, printer, paper
  • Photo carton in different shades of blue
  • Powerstrips (eg from Tesa, approx. 3.25 € / 20 pcs.)
  • Cutter, cutting mat
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • bonefolder
  • Hot glue gun, hot glue
  • spirit level
  • Test tube

And that's how easy it is:

1. Print template and cut. -> You can find the template here!

2. Then transfer to paper carton with a pencil and cut. Fold on the dashed lines. Depending on the template, fix triangles with hot glue.

3. Attach the desired pattern to the wall with power strips and a spirit level.

4. Cut a hole in one of the triangles, insert the test tube and use as a minivase.