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GZSZ: Sila Sahin naked

Sila Sahin from GZSZ has moved out for Playboy

Sila Sahin

A man's dream comes true: Sila Sahin can now be admired without a hull in Playboy. While her friend and serial colleague Jörn Schlönvoigt is just swinging his leg at "", Sila Sahin struggled to feel freer. Because her childhood was marked by cultural constraints. Above all, she wants to encourage other young Turkish women to live as they wish. "It's not cheap to show naked skin, " says the star. And the cover is anything but cheap. Very sexy and self-confident presents the 25-year-old Turkish. Only the left breast is covered with a cloth and her lascivious eyes captivate immediately. Her parents do not know anything about the pictures yet. But Sila is not afraid of that because she finally makes her own decisions. Your friend Jörn does not know anything about the sexy photos, but he will certainly be pleased, we are convinced of that TS!

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