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Mosaic Picture Frame

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Laura Creative Ideas

A personalized frame turns your favorite photo into a shimmering eye-catcher

That's in it

Everything is included in the set to create two differently sized picture frames. These include two frames made of sturdy cardboard. One is square (10 x 10 cm), the other rectangular (10 x 15 cm). There are also 800 small and large mosaic stones. And finally there is an easy-to-understand crafting manual and double-sided adhesive tape.

How is it going?

Do not stick immediately, but first try "dry", ie without sticking something, as you would like to arrange the stones. Two laying suggestions are given in the instructions.

But you can also give free rein to your creativity and create other patterns. Also by the colors of the mosaic stones many different variants are possible. Either you mix everything colorfully or stay tone on tone. Then apply the tape, remove the protective film and stick the stones. Insert a photo and your work is ready.

Where is this available?

The "Mosaic Craft Kit" costs 14 euros. You can get it from the branches of the Idee Creativmarkt (Tel .: 01 80/3 06 00 60) and at