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Fashion Show in North Korea: Socialist Trends for the People

At the fashion show there were both traditional North Korean garbs ...
Photo: Screenshot

From lampshades and stewardesses

A fashion show from North Korea? Yes, we did not know that there is such a thing! And the pictures from the East Asian country are as strange as we expected ...

So much in advance: fashion does not work well without individuality. Finally, different ways of thinking and tastes are needed for the colorful diversity of this world . What the one finds hip does not work for the other - these disagreements are natural and part of what constitutes fashion. But how does this work in a country where everyone (at least in theory) has the same opinion?

This is what the Singaporean photographer Aram Pan found out on a trip to completely isolated North Korea . At the annual fashion fair in the Asian country, the latest "trends" were presented - that looks quite different than in New York or Milan was clear. The scenery: a rare green carpet. The models: with permanent grins. The fashion: a strange mix of traditional garments in lampshade form and stewardesses costume in the 60ies style.

What is presented at the fashion show in Pyongyang is old hats for us, but a small revolution for North Korea. According to Aram Pan, the partly colorful garments of the exaggeratedly gesticulating models are a special feature of North Korean fashion - and the skirt hem has slipped a bit higher.

In addition, colorful umbrellas are currently très chic in North Korea: anyone who has one spans him anytime, anywhere, even without bad weather. A real hit is also red earrings in star shape and pins with the likeness of Kim Jong-un. We are not getting really warm with the North Korean fashion ideas ...