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Fashion bankrupt Forore 21: This US fashion chain should be no longer in Germany soon

The German textile market is highly competitive. The US fashion chain Forever 21 is also aware of this and should withdraw from the German market.

The first branch of Forever 21 had to be closed already
Photo: dpa

More and more - even well-known - textile companies have to close. Gradually more and more fashion chains die in Germany. Not least, because the competition is extremely hard by the really big players. H & M, Zara, Mango and Primark are increasingly displacing other companies because they are not up to the price war.

Always new collections and fast reaction to current trends is not possible for all fashion chains. And only those who offer what the clientele demands can also be successful. And that's exactly what the US fashion chain Forever 21 is feeling. Not even a year ago opened the branch in Dortmund. Now the company had to close this store again.

However, the shops in Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf and Bochum are not affected, the company announced. And the German online business will continue to be focused.

In the shops of Forever 21 one finds mainly a cheap assortment of clothes for a relatively young target group. The offer can be positioned between Primark and H & M.