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Anthrax Hazard: recall of corned beef, beef sausage and beef

Anthrax danger! Authorities warn of products from a Polish slaughterhouse.
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  1. Food scandal
  2. Which products are affected?
  3. Why is anthrax so dangerous?

Food scandal

Corned beef, beef sausage and beef from a slaughterhouse in Poland are said to be infested with anthrax pathogens. Authorities warn against consumption!

In Germany there is anthrax danger! A Polish cattle farm, whose meat was sold to Germany, should be burdened by anthrax pathogens . Specifically, these are 'KöneckeGerman Corned Beef ' and 'noble English Corned Beef' the company Könecke, which was sold in the trade at Dohle, Penny, Aldi Nord and Kaufland. The affected products have already been recalled by the Bremen-based company.

Not only the corned beef of the company Könecke should be burdened by the life-threatening bacterium, also other types of meat can be affected by a microbiological contamination.

Which products are affected?

In Bavaria is warned against the consumption of beef sausage from the district of Augsburg . The meat may come from the same farm as the corned beef. The same applies to beef that could be bought at fresh meat counters in NRW between the end of September and the beginning of October.

Consumers are encouraged to return all affected products. Even without presentation of the receipt you get your money back.

At the same time, the portal warns against the consumption of the affected products. Further information is available on the portal of the same name.

Why is anthrax so dangerous?

Anthrax is transmitted from animals to humans. The disease mainly affects the heart, lungs and intestines and can be fatal without the appropriate treatment.

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