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Mesut zil friendMesut zil: girlfriend Mandy Capristo is the very big love

Sorry, ladies, this footballer is forgiven, but something of! Because Mesut Özil comes out of the swarming about his girlfriend Mandy Capristo no longer out. The ex-Monrose singer follows her sweetheart at every turn. Where the dream couple of German football is currently and what romantic declaration of love Mesut Özil friend Mandy Capristo made, read here!

Mesut Özil friend Mandy Capristo
Photo: Mesut Özil / Facebook

What at first seemed like a PR-gag has now become beautiful, confirmed and lasting certainty: Mesut Özil (25) and friend Mandy Capristo (24) seems to be able to do nothing, but nothing at all. How romantic! The singer (Monrose) had already followed him in early 2013 to Madrid (where he kicked for Real). When Mesut Özil joined the club in September 2013 (he now kicks for Arsenal), Mandy Capristo moved in again and since then lives with her lover in London in a shared apartment.

Mandy Capristo, who was with rapper Kay One in 2008, has been Mesut Özil's cardiac lady since the beginning of 2013. But it was not until June 2013 that she first officially expressed her relationship status. At the time, Mandy posted a romantic black and white photo (@mandygracecapristo on Instagram) that Mesut wears on her hands and commented, "And then you came into my life." Sounds like pretty big love, right?

Mesut Özil: Friend Mandy Capristo immortalized on football boot

And the sympathetic footballer proved with a romantic proof of love at the end of April 2014 that this relationship could indeed be for eternity: "My new shoes. Surprise, Mandy Grace Capristo, "wrote the native of Gelsenkirchen on his Facebook page. For this he posted the photo of his new football shoes, in which he had engraved the second name of his girlfriend. Mandy Capristo literally follows him every step of the way, as these shoes will be worn by Mesut Özil during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Mesut Özil: Declaration of love to Mandy Capristo

How deep the feelings for Mandy Capristo, Mesut Özil revealed now also to the "Hamburger Morgenpost". He enthused: "I am happy that I have such a wonderful person by my side. It just fits between us. I'm fine with her. She helps me and I support her. "She is a great support for him and very supportive of him. "She will also come to Brazil." How nice, so we can look forward to a real enrichment on the player women's rostrum!

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