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Mediterranean set up: tips with sea-flair

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  1. In the colors of the sea
  2. Mediterranean set up: blue things
  3. Mediterranean set up: freshly caught
  4. Set up Mediterranean: stone on stone
  5. Set up Mediterranean: whitewashing

In the colors of the sea

Do you fancy the Mediterranean atmosphere at home even after your holiday? Just follow a few decorating ideas and enjoy the beauty of Greece in blue and white in just a few steps.

Mediterranean set up : blue things

Picture above: If you want to set up a Mediterranean, you should bet on blue. The color is soothing and puts us in a dreamy mood. Perfect conditions to create a relaxation corner in this tone. We opted for a wall panel that not only provides a luminous view, but also offers storage space. The building instructions are under here

Mediterranean set up : freshly caught

Your guests will be pleased about this "Greetings from the kitchen". For this purpose, cut out construction paper in the width of a sardine box, stamp it with the desired text. Clamp the card under the can flap, place the decorative ribbon and chocolate fish.

Chocolate sardines, 5 pieces about 9 euros: ConfiserieDomshof

Set up Mediterranean: stone on stone

Granted, it takes time and patience until the tabletop is completely covered with mosaic stones. But the little effort is worthwhile, as you will notice proudly when looking at your little one-off. The instructions can be downloaded here.

Side table "Lindved", approx. 20 Euro: Ikea. Folding chairs, each about 98 euros: Octopus. Chair cushions, each about 8 euros: Depot

Set up Mediterranean: whitewashing

We do not want to miss these ornate cushions on our sofa. Also great as a gift!

You need this:

- "Blue Print" set
- Peel to dye
- disposable gloves and possibly mouthguard
- white pillowcase
- Styrofoam pad
- Plant stalks, eg of fern and allium
- pins
- Transparent film
- Iron

How to do it:

1. Dipping: Make a solution from the "Blue Print" set (eg via according to the instructions for use. Soak the moistened cushion cover so that it is completely soaked.

2. Wringing out : wring out the cushion cover, drain and allow to dry in a dark room.

3. Applying the plant impression : Place the dried cushion cover smoothly on a piece of Styrofoam, place the plants on it and cover with a transparent foil. Fix with pins. Expose the cushion cover to sunlight until it turns dark blue. If the plant print is easily recognizable, wash the cushion cover in a bowl filled with water and let it dry on a clothes line. Then iron.

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