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Maren Gilzer: What is your recipe for a happy life?

Maren Gilzer reveals her secrets.
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She modeled for European fashion houses, worked from 1988 on the "wheel of fortune" (SAT.1) and embodies since 1998 in the ARD series "In all friendship" the "sister Yvonne". To do so, Maren Gilzer (53) is selling her own fashion at the teleshopping channel QVC (new collection: 23 February, 9 am and 9 pm) and selling self-designed jewelery via the Internet.

And despite all activity, time seems to pass without a trace on the all-rounder. We asked her how she did that, talked to her about ...

... the aging

Maren Gilzer: No problem for me. On the contrary, I just found the best way to celebrate the birthdays. When I turned 30, I thought: Great, finally no girl anymore. And even when I turned 50 three years ago, I thought that was really great, just curious about the new phase of life.

... her attitude towards life

Maren Gilzer: I still take an active part in life today as I did when I was a young girl. I listen to the latest hits and dress fashionably. In my opinion, older women should have the courage to dress smartly. However, without exaggeration. Otherwise that would quickly seem silly.

...Bad mood

Maren Gilzer: Of course, there are days when I do not feel so super. Then I dress especially colorful. Preferably something in red. That cheers up automatically. In addition a little make-up and immediately I feel better.

...the work

Maren Gilzer: You should never just define yourself through work. Because she falls away, through unemployment or retirement, you could sink into a deep hole. So: love, family, friends and hobbies are the most important thing. Then luck will come by itself.

... her fountain of youth

Maren Gilzer: We women should think more about us. Treat yourself to leisure and do what we enjoy. These include walks with the dog with me. That keeps you young!

... her late marriage

Maren Gilzer: My husband and I have been a couple for over 20 years. A marriage certificate was never really important to us. But six years ago we built a house together. This is a very interconnecting step, and our wedding two years ago was just such a grand finale.