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Mackenzie Foy is scared of werewolves and vampires

"Twilight" books are taboo for Mackenzie Foy

Mackenzie Foy / IF

In "" Renesmee actress is the focus of the film. Now the 12-year-old reveals that she used to be scared of evil creatures like werewolves or vampires. In the final part of the "" saga, Renesmee, the daughter of Edward () and Bella (), has to fear for her life. Because the influential vampires of Volturi think that she is an immortal child. But actually Renesmee is half human and half vampire. Only two films was allowed to see "Breaking Dawn 2" star Mackenzie Foy until now In the film, the young actress comes along quite fearless. In fact, she used to be scared of vampires and werewolves, as she revealed in an interview with Bravo: "A bit earlier. Now I'm not afraid anymore, but I still find it a bit scary. "However, her parents still have a watchful eye on her. Mackenzie Foy has been allowed to see only the first two films so far, more than her parents did not allow her. The books are completely taboo for the sweet 12-year-old: "Unfortunately I can not read the books because I'm still too young. But I will make up for it all! ". We just love the little girl and are happy that her parents take good care of her daughter despite the media hype surrounding her daughter. How do you find the prohibitions? NB

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