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Slats or iridescent panels

Living situation: window pair
Photo: Living idea

Sun and sight protection for a pair of windows

The days when vertical slat curtains evoke memories of the last visit to the dentist are long gone. Incidence of light as well as insights and views are perfectly controllable. In line with the Asian-inspired style of this bedroom, slats were chosen with resistant Japanese paper and horizontal, oak-wood applications reminiscent of Japanese rice paper walls.

With a width of 25 cm, the individual lamellas, which are no longer connected to a chain as in the past, are significantly wider than conventional louvres. Of course, they can be pulled aside and, in a sense, parked as a package on the wall side. The no-frills window design is completely in tune with the clear, reduced interior of the room with straight-lined furniture and a few braided accessories.

Closed, the slatted curtain looks like a graphically structured wall thanks to the wooden elements. If you pull the curtain completely to the side, the lamellae collect as a package on a wall side.

Manufacturer: Lamella Curtain "Japanese": Teba. Carpet: JAB ANSTOETZ Rugs. Bed, bench: Ethnicraft. Lights: Anta. Iron tray tables: Schubert-Varia. Bed linen: Irisette. Bedspread: Ikea. Image: Wunschbildverlag. Figures: scale. Lid basket: Butlers. White vase: ASA Selection. Red vase, seat cushion: Lizzart Living.

Doubles works better - the variation of the old folk wisdom applies to both windows of this bedroom: they are generously staged as a pair of twins with floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall curtains that compliment the blinds perfectly. The double-layered fabric used is also double: it combines a rather rustic fabric. This combination creates his beautiful iridescent turquoise tone.

The folding blinds have as conclusion each a trellis decorated fabric triangle of a plain fabric in linen look. The playful character of the lush window decoration is underlined slightly ironically by the acrylic glass chair in medallion form and the baroque shaped table lamp made of the same material.

See-through organza and coarser linen texture fabric join together, held together by embroidered spirals. The curtains can be pulled away with tiebacks made of the same fabric.

Manufacturer: Fabric for curtains and blinds: Gardisette. Curtain rod set: Interstil. Carpet: JAB ANSTOETZ Rugs. Chair, lamps, side table: Kartell. Bed: spring. Bench: Car. Picture, Figure: The Wohngeschwister. Vases, braid chest, trimmings: the laundry. Bed linen, plaid: Ikea. Embroidered pillow, cup, plate: scale. Striped cushion: Lizzart Living. Wooden box: One-Two-Three.

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