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Happy Birthday Helene Fischer!

Helene Fischer at the Bambi Awards 2013
Photo: Getty Images

A superstar turns 30

Today the time has come: Helene Fischer celebrates her 30th birthday. All of Germany congratulates the artist. No wonder in this success!

The 30th birthday. A day when many probably can not do anything but take stock and ask what has been achieved so far. With Helene Fischer the answer should be found quickly today: actually everything. Can there still be wishes left?

The singer is incredibly successful with her music. Her last four albums all came in first. The hit 'Atemlos' does not only appeal to folk music fans, but is literally on everyone's lips. Helene not only sings for our national team and performs at the Musikantenstadl, but also fills some of Germany's biggest halls with her latest color-play tour. The album to the tour is the best-selling German album ever! After the Bambi, Helene Fischer hosted the echo this year. She is also one of the winners. Even before her 30th birthday, she has released her first own perfume in cooperation with Douglas.

The good looks of the superstars also make headlines. The belly of Helene Fischer is now dedicated to her own articles. Not least because today the singer dresses much hotter than a few years ago.

Privately, the native Russian is also happy. Helene Fischer has been involved with partner Florian Silbereisen for over six years. The two are considered the dream couple of the hit scene. Many may envy Florian for his great friend.

In view of this great success, we can only say one thing: Happy birthday, dear Helene Fischer!