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Kiss forbidden: The best remedy for herpes

It can strike anyone: Nine out of ten people carry the herpes virus.
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  1. The dormant virus
  2. Theoretically, it can hit almost anyone
  3. There are numerous triggers
  4. Help from pharmacy and fridge

The dormant virus

Cold blisters are not only painful, they also stress the soul. Toothpaste for herpes? A myth. This will quickly release the cold sores.

First it tingles slightly in the lip, then it starts to itch and burn and finally form the nasty bubbles. Lips herpes is twice the burden: He hurts and looks ugly, which is why many are ashamed of the bubbles. Fortunately, there are a number of effective antidotes.

Theoretically, it can hit almost anyone

Nine out of ten people carry the herpes simplex virus. It slumbers in the so-called nerve knot and waits there for his chance. In some people, there is never an outbreak, in others, even a slight immunodeficiency is enough. Then the herpes virus attacks healthy skin cells - usually in the lip - and the itchy, weeping blisters arise. In general, the herpes is over after seven to ten days and the virus retreats back into the nerve nodes. With around twelve million people, this process is repeated several times a year. Those who are affected more than six times a year or who do not get rid of the blisters over a longer period of time should go to the doctor so that a serious illness can be ruled out.

There are numerous triggers

Anything that weakens the immune system can promote a herpes infection. These include, for example, colds, intense sports, allergies, alcohol, stress, grief. Even sun and cold can activate cold sores. In some people even disgust is enough. In addition, the herpes viruses are highly contagious. Since the risk of transmitting the pathogens to other areas of the skin is high, those affected should not touch their lips . In addition to frequent hand washing, it is important that towels and glasses are not used together. Kissing is also taboo.

Help from pharmacy and fridge

In the pharmacy there are ointments with the active ingredients aciclovir or penciclovir. They should be applied at the very first tensing or tingling as they prevent the virus from spreading and multiplying in the early stages. In addition, they can shorten the phase to encrustation and thus accelerate the healing process. It is best to apply the ointments with a cotton swab so that you do not spread the virus with your finger.

There are also a number of different herpes home remedies . According to studies honey should support the vesicles in the healing process. However, the sweet bees can not prevent the outbreak of the infection. Many sufferers also swear by tea tree oil. It has a disinfecting effect, combats the germs and promotes healing. However, some people are allergic to the oil. Try it very carefully. An alternative is blackcurrants. They also seem to inhibit the proliferation of viruses. Tip: Freeze redcurrant juice in an ice cube container. If necessary, you can hold the currant ice cream to your lips. The cold relieves the itching at the same time.

Special herpes pills from the pharmacy have no medical effect, but still serve well: they form a humid climate in which the bubbles heal better, and protect the adjacent skin from infection. Since the patches also ensure that the herpes is less visible, they also relieve the emotional burden. If you like, you can even over-coat the pavement.

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