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Strong thighs? Clothes to conceal

Nude pumps lengthen the leg with their color. Even pointed pumps in black cheat a few inches of leg length.
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  1. How to style your legs with little effort
  2. Lace pumps for longer legs
  3. Wide trousers conceal strong thighs
  4. Bold folds cheat legs narrower

How to style your legs with little effort

Can pants really slim? And what shape best conceals broad calves and strong thighs? We reveal with which styling tricks her legs immediately look slimmer.

Lace pumps for longer legs

Pointed pumps and ankle boots visually lengthen the leg, because they allow it to "run" quasi pointed. If the shoes are also skin-colored, the effect is intensified because at first glance the leg, foot and shoe are one.

Wide pants conceal strong thighs

Palazzo pants and Marlene pants flatter with their wide leg even the sturdiest thighs and calves. Anyone who grabs high-waisted models and / or high heels in the most oversized trouser legs will additionally stretch their silhouette - and can conceal strong thighs .

Creases cheat legs narrower

Trousers with creases are flattering to the figure because they seem to "split" the leg and the fold also acts as a centered vertical stripe. This ensures visually stretched, slimmer legs and conceals strong thighs .

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