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Kitchen bench with lettering

4 h

  • Untreated wooden bench (eg
      from Car Furniture; about 189 Euro, order number: HOBANSW / 110)
    • Paint in white and red (eg Alpina 2-in-1 paint, DIY store)
    • Paint roller (hardware store)
    • dc-fix film in red
    • Scissors or cutter
    • Piece of household roll or towel
    • 4 tea towels in red and white checked and white and red checked (department store, piece about 3 euros)
    • 2 foam inlays à 50 x 35 cm (department store or foam trade, about 5 euros each)
    • 2 pillow inlays à 30 x 20 cm (department store, about 4 euros each)

    1. Prime bank white, let it dry.

    2. Paint the legs and vertical parts of the backrest in red. Let dry.

    3. Draw the words "Guten Appetit" on the reverse side of red dc-fix-foil mirror-inverted. Letters draw either freely or with previously printed and cut out letter templates. Cut out letters.

    4. Stick the foil letters on the backrest of the bench, while pressing firmly on with a household roll or a cloth.

    5. Fold two red tea towels in half lengthwise, half lengthwise, pin them together and stitch them together, except for approx. 20 cm. Insert matching foam inlay, close open seam by hand.

    6. Cut two pieces of fabric à 62 x 22 cm from the white towels. Merge right to right to a piece of 31 x 22 cm, pin and stitch together, except for about 15 cm. Insert pillow inlay, close open seam by hand.