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Christmas treats for a fir cushion

Are you missing ideas for this year's Christmas decoration? We help further, because the pine cushions bring Christmas into every home and with this guide, they are also homemade.

When designing the fir cushions, you can let your creativity run wild.

What you need for the fir pillow:

  • blue and red yarn
  • various fabrics (Fabfab over, eg 1 x "Banner cloth medium" signal red 05_100018_5019, 1 x "Banner cloth Soft 16" royal blue 63_6005_16, 1 x "Tilda Star 1", 1 x "Aunt Ema flower circle", 1 x "Aunt Ema Garland Dance", 1 x "Cotton Stars Medium 18" gray)
  • 600 g Vlieseline decorative cotton (2 packages à 300 g)
  • shears
  • chalk
  • Tape measure or ruler
  • pins
  • Iron
  • sewing machine

And this is how it's done:

Tip: During processing, it must be ensured that a short stitch length has been set on the sewing machine and the seam allowances and corners are carefully cut or cut. Only then can the branches come out optimally.

1. Cutting: Cut out the Christmas tree cut with the paper scissors (the pattern can be found under the instructions for download), glue it together and place it on the folded fabric. Pin the cut with needles and mark around 1 cm seam allowance. For better orientation, you should also draw the line of the trailer on which you will sew later.
2. Sew: Take the paper cut from the fabric and pin the fir in a few places. Now you sew from the beginning of the turning opening to the end of the turning opening. Set a small stitch length on your machine. This is very important, so that the corners do not rise and the Dekowatte remains beautiful in the fir.
3. Cut back seam allowances: Cut the seam allowances down to 0.5 cm and cut the corners of the fir into the seam. Attention, do not cut in the seam! Here you also notice that a small stitch length is important. Also cap the seam allowances of the fir tips so they will sculpt beautifully in the finished pillow.
4. Fill the pillow: Turn your fir and fill it with the Dekowatte. You sew the open seam by hand. Finished!

Here is the guide with pictures for you to download.

Download the pattern for small fir tree cushions.

Download the pattern for medium pine tree cushions.

Download the pattern for large fir tree cushions.