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DiseasesArthrosis: To relieve joint pain

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Osteoarthritis develops gradually over years. Many sufferers do not notice it for a long time because they consider the mild joint pain in the knee or hip to be normal after getting up. In fact, these are the first symptoms of the disease.

Course and treatment of osteoarthritis

There are cartilages in all the joints of our body. They are almost cushion between the articular surfaces, help cushion shocks and protect the periosteum. The function of the joint is impaired if the cartilage is damaged by wear and arthrosis . Minor damage can be tackled with a cartilage transplant. However, if the cartilage is rubbed away completely, the joint must be replaced. However, surgical treatment is the very last step. Before that, you can do many things yourself to relieve joint pain and maintain your cartilage.

Risk factors and measures for the prevention of joint pain

Deformation of the legs can easily lead to osteoarthritis in the joints of the knees and hips and cause pain. Talk to your orthopedic surgeon about it and have the appropriate insoles or bandages prescribed that can compensate for the deformities. Another risk factor, which usually causes the knees to suffer particularly, is obesity. But it is not only the increased weight, which leads to osteoarthritis and joint pain : High blood lipid levels and high cholesterol, as they are often associated with obesity, favor the disease. So eat well balanced and healthy, with lots of fruits and vegetables, fish, vegetable oils, grains and legumes as well as soy. On the other hand, nicotine, alcohol, sugar and caffeine should be avoided as far as possible.

The best arthritis treatment: exercise

Already with the first symptoms of arthrosis you should start with a sports program . Regular exercise counteracts the loss of cartilage because only then are cartilage adequately supplied with nutrients. The more you move the affected areas, such as your knees, shoulders and hips, the more the symptoms improve and you can relieve joint pain. Well suited are sports such as cycling, just for the knees, and Nordic walking. Physicians also recommend water sports such as swimming and aquajogging to counter joint pain .

Physiotherapy and other treatments

If the pain in your joints is already advanced, you can try out special physiotherapy. Doctors also recommend thermal and electrical applications as well as hyaluronic acid injections.