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Kim Kardashian: Giant lips!

What happened to Kim Kardashian's lips?

Kim Kardashian / Instagram

It girl Kim Kardashian posted a photo of her swollen lips. Other women regularly put themselves under the knife for such pouty lips and pay a lot of money for it! Not so Kim Kardashian - because her already full lips are so swollen for natural reasons that you might think the 32-year-old would have become Botox's newest victim! On May 21, the expectant mum posted a proof of her super - bouncing lips. Her comment on this: "My pregnancy lips are out of control #I guess it's a bad problem". Kim Real Kardashian invites to Babyshower Kim can not enjoy her "pregnancy lips" for much longer, as her baby is rumored to see the light of day already in June! This must be celebrated and therefore Kim invites to the Babyshower on June 2nd! Sweet: The invitation consisted of a music box in which a dark-haired ballerina danced to Hubby Kanye West's "Hey Mama"! Kim's girlfriends Beyoncé and Fergie have received such an invitation. We are looking forward to the gifts! CK

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