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Carnival 2014: make costumes yourself and buy

The classic among the costumes: the witch with broom.
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For the fool's day

Helau and Alaaf! It's carnival time again - who has no idea which costume he wants to slip into finds some inspiration with us.

At the latest on Rosenmontag we start the fool's day! Many have been wearing a costume for weeks or at least an idea of ​​which disguise to wear. But some are still unsure whether it should be funny, sexy or cute.

Of course, you can buy something classic, such as a witch or clown outfit - or make a costume yourself ! There are no limits to creativity at the 2014 Carnival .

What do I want to go?

Especially popular this year: Fancy paneling that makes you smile. Whether as a fried egg or mustard tube - with these looks you are on everyone's lips. If you like to be in a mood of flirting at Carnival, you can grab the tight Pocahontas or Mini Mouse costume. For those who like it casual: movie hero looks à la "Kill Bill" or "Topgun" are always worth a look.

Whether you want to make costumes yourself or rather buy in the shop, we have put together a few outfits - from sexy to funny - for you.

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