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Now: organic and veggie products at Penny

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Discounter launches organic brand Naturgut

Who would have thought that!? Discounter Penny jumps on the current food trend and now offers regional, as well as vegetarian products with organic labels in the range.

More and more people are paying attention to their diet. But not only healthy and balanced food is becoming more and more important to many. The type of food produced also has an impact on purchasing power. Sustainably produced foods are becoming increasingly popular. Even meat or cheese from mass production, offered cheap for little money, are no longer on the table for many people. But for a long time it was just a question of the purse, whether such products have wandered into our refrigerators ...

So far, you could buy goods with the organic seal in special health food stores - maximum there was a small selection in the well-stocked supermarket. But discounters can no longer escape the current food trends. Now Penny moves to happy shopping for the animal-loving customers with sense of sustainability.

In the future, about 100 items from various product groups will be available under the " Naturgut " private label . In addition to dairy products, vegetables and fruits, vegetable chips, vegetable juice, pasta or vegetarian bolognese will also determine the product range. Even a meat product - according to the company of the Swabian-Hallisch land pig - so from regional production, should be there. About 85 percent of the products should come from organic farming and have the organic seal. Many more were made in Germany, Austria or Switzerland and thus have (relatively) short transport distances behind them before they migrate to the discount store shelf.

Go shopping with a clear conscience - that's what everyone wants. Penny seems to have understood the signs of the times. At least the introduction of the new brand is a step in the right direction to reduce animal suffering and protect nature.

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