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Boy runs triathlon with his disabled brother

Photo: Aldrich Family

This sibling love goes to heart

8-year-old Noah wants to participate in a triathlon for children. However, not alone, but together with his severely handicapped brother Lucas.

Every year, in the US state of Idaho, the Y-Not triathlon for children over the age of five takes place. The sports event held by the Christian youth organization YMCA is based on real triathlons, in which a race consists of the disciplines swimming, cycling and running.

8-year-old Noah Aldrich wanted to attend this year. When he received the permission of his parents, he made an additional condition: his 6-year-old brother Lucas should accompany him. The catch: Lucas is severely disabled, can not move independently or speak.

But Noah put his plan through: He mastered the 200-meter swim by pulling his brother in a dinghy behind him. In a trailer on the bike Lucas set with the help of his sporty brother almost 5 kilometers back, before the final running distance was 1.6 kilometers . Here Noah pushed his handicapped brother in a car in front of him.

Not only for the parents, but also for the many spectators at the edge of the track, the sight of the two children was heartbreaking. With his irrepressible will and his love for his sick brother Noah has outgrown himself at the age of 8!

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