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Jeremy Meeks in court - it can not get any hotter

New photos of Jeremy Meeks - it could not be any hotter.
Photo: Getty Images

Hottest detainee in the USA

He can do it. New pictures of Jeremy Meeks prove: The police photo was not a stroke of luck. America's hottest detainee has real potential for modeling.

Summer or winter type? Jeremy Meeks shows up in orange jail - in new photos, in an old pose. It may not be the summer color of 2014, but if she can wear one, then he. No one else looks as sexy in garbage orange as Jeremy Meeks .

The photos: anything but tough. Intimidated, he sits in front of the judge. The big Meeks very small. The charge: illegal possession of weapons.

Jeremy Meeks is arrested in early June. His police photo goes around the world. His blue eyes, his full lips - the women's world seems enthusiastic. Then the super-GAU: a model contract. And that, even though the hot prisoner is still behind bars.

And because early practice, the model look is perfected again, the body also. And worked on the release.