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Helmut Schmidt: After Loki's death, we were afraid for him

His closest confidant speaks for the first time, EXCLUSIVE of THE NEW LEAF

For more than 68 years, they went hand in hand as a man and a woman through life. But on October 21, 2010 Helmut Schmidt (92) had to say goodbye to his beloved Loki († 91). A loss that is difficult to bear even for a strong man like him. We spoke exclusively with Hamburg's former First Mayor Peter Schulz (81), one of his best friends, about the darkest hours in the life of the former Chancellor.

How long have you known Helmut Schmidt ? We met in 1950 in the SPD. I found it brisk and overpowered. After that I met him more often and noticed: He is not arrogant, but only aware of his value. This is only when the actual value and the appearance drift apart. They are also very close friends in private life. How has he changed since Loki's death? It was very difficult for Helmut to cope with her death. There was such a close bond between the two! My wife and I were seriously worried about Helmut following Loki's death. In what way? We wondered if and how long he can live without Loki . We were afraid for him. Did you talk to Helmut Schmidt about his loss? Is he someone who seeks help from his friends? No, Helmut does not seek help. He usually repels them when offered to him. He wants to cope with problems on his own. Can you still help him? It happens that he seeks encounters. A few weeks ago, he called me and asked for a meeting. I thought he was talking about a specific problem. Instead, he came to me in the evening for a few hours because he did not want to be alone. How is he doing health? Helmut is dependent on the wheelchair. Therefore, one can not say that he is well. How will he handle this? He takes it and copes with it. He is not one who would complain.

Is he in constant pain? Yes, but he does not allow pain to dominate himself. Loki had the same strength. One night she fell in the house. She was alone. She lay on the cold tiles and could not get up again. She had an emergency button with her. But she did not press him. Why not? Loki knew that if she pressed the button, Helmut would be alerted - wherever he was. She did not want that. She did not want him to worry about her. Besides, she knew that if she pressed the button, then the one answering the emergency call might be woken up. How did she do it? You can only do that if you're strong like Loki in a positive sense. Only then can you allow yourself such a decision. She loved her husband so much. It was something so special that linked the two.

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