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Hair styling: With Texture Spray, the Undone Look succeeds

At Emma Stone, the Texture Spray makes for a fluffy braid.
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This is how braids and beachwaves become perfect

Whether open or braided: Wuschel hairstyles are currently one of the biggest hair trends. We know with which beauty product the Undone Look succeeds in the twinkling of an eye!

With ordinary hairspray, the styling that makes the hairstyle so charmingly blown away by the wind, is not so easy to do. Most of the hair then lose their volume very quickly and are just flat.

But how do Gisele Bündchen, Emma Stone and Sienna Miller then manage to walk such a perfect Undone look around the world that it drives us crazy envy into the hair tips? Sure, they all have a professional stylist by their side, but also a little secret: Texture Spray !

This could be described as a mixture of volume-spreading dry shampoo and sea salt sprays, which give the hair more grip. The special thing about the Texture Spray is that it is dry and comes out of the can as a fine mist when sprayed, leaving no residue on the hair.

Texture sprays are basically suitable for all hair types, but should be applied differently depending on the desired effect. To create volume on the whole head, large strands of hair are separated and sprayed. Who wants to make individual games more handy, uses there a little more texture spray.

An Undone Braid à la Emma Stone is now no longer in the way - our product recommendations are up!

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