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HealthSharp eating equal to longer life?

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New study

Can chili peppers lead to a longer life? Chinese researchers have investigated spicy food in terms of lifespan.

In China you like it spicy. Fresh and dried chili peppers. Chilli and chilli oil - spicy peppers have a firm place in Chinese cuisine. Not only because they taste good, but also because they contribute to a longer life - this has now been published in a new study.

Several years ago, an international research team inquired about 500, 000 people across the country about the degree of spice in their food. You asked her how many times you ate something spicy in the last month. The answers - different. Some never eat, others spicy up to six times a week. If you eat spicy at least once or twice a week, you had to give more details. Where does the spiciness come from - fresh or dried chili peppers? From chilli sauce or chilli oil?

Seven years later, in 2013, the researchers evaluated the results. In the period tested, a total of 22, 224 participants died - including a striking number of people who ate spicy less than once a week. This is a statistical context, the researchers emphasize.

Spicy food equal to longer life?

Does a spicy meal equal a longer life? Not necessarily. It is possible that some of the subjects had a better physique by nature than others. And also the varying living conditions were not examined. But it may be that people who eat spicy, cook differently, drink differently - and therefore live longer.

Smaller studies also draw attention to the health benefits of capsaicin, a natural ingredient in hot peppers. They are designed to prevent the development of cancer and keep the cardiovascular and digestive system healthy. Spicy spices have been proven to kill germs.

Background: The participants were between 30 and 79 years old, living both in the city and in the countryside - men and women alike.

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