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Send smells with the smartphone

"Hmmm, how these flowers smell! Here's the proof, " or something like that could soon be our fragrance messages.
Photo: Zave Smith / Mint Images / Corbis

oNotes app allows the fragrance message

Send smells with your smartphone? That's what's about to become reality soon. The new app oNotes now delivers the right scent to any mobile phone snapshot. How this works, we reveal here!

Have you ever looked at one of the hundreds of Instagram pictures of four-course meals, sweet cupcakes or pretty flower bouquets on your smartphone and wished you had a nose full? No? No matter, because now the time has come: the company oPhone has developed a new app called oNotes, which makes it possible to send smells with pictures.

So, the next time you take a beach snapshot with your cell phone, remember to also attach the appropriate sea breeze scent.

The idea is great in theory, but there are still a few hurdles to overcome before the first digital breath. The fragrances do not simply seep out of your smartphone - you have to visit an oPhone hotspot first of all. There you plug in your smartphone and load its fragrance messages on the phone, where they stream out of an oPhone, a cylinder-like thing with buttons.

So far, so good, but that seems like a lot of effort, just to sniff the digital version of a cake. We prefer to go to the bakery and get a piece.

But it's not just about sweets: The company wants to expand its fragrance shipping. oNotes wants to cover all media soon. TV, books, cinema, so can we get a taste of everything soon?

Is it really necessary that soon not only images and sounds, but also smells will strike us so forcefully? For now we prefer to be good and look at our delicious cake photo from last Sunday - without smell.

Photo: oPhone

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