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Phonebook with fabric scraps

  • Vlieseline in the size of 20 x 35 cm (department store, about 8 Euro / m)
  • Fabric remnants in two patterns
  • book
  • Fabric paint in white (craft shop)
  • possibly letter stamp (craft shop)
  • brush
  • fabric scissors
  • pencil


Iron Vlieseline on a 20 x 20 cm piece of dotted fabric and a rest of Vichy check.

2. Draw a stylized phone and handset on the back of the reinforced dot cloth. Cut out.

3. Cut a circle of about 4 cm in diameter from the Vichykaroffoff.

4. Stick the motif on the book.

5. Use white cloth paint to record the cord and the telephone forks.

6. Apply the letters "A" and "Z" using the letter stamp or free hand.

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