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Joy-SprungWor ber the mother in this photo is probably happy?

This mom makes a big leap of joy - and for the best reason ever. Keshia Gardner from Alabama is happy because her children finally have to go back to school after the summer holidays!

Gorgeous, that mum! Because honestly, which mother does not even wish that she just has a little time for herself ... At Keshia, therefore, this photo was taken on the first day of school after the summer holidays. Quite to the annoyance of their children, because those the joy photo is visibly embarrassing. What the hell! Every once in a while Mommy has to let the pig out!

Among her photos, Keshia also leaves a nice and not very serious greeting for her children: "First day of school, children, I'll miss you!" Bravo, Keshia. So much honesty of a mother is really something else!

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