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What Justin Bieber Fears Most

Justin Bieber has a phobia that keeps him away from the water

Justin Bieber / ©

Those who grew up in difficult conditions like Justin Bieber may be largely fearless in adulthood. Poverty, hunger and future worries will probably no longer bother him in life, but even Justin Bieber is very afraid of something.What exactly, and how bad his phobia is, he revealed in an interview with "Extra TV", where he admitted that makes the idea of ​​sharks tremble. He fears the animals so much that he does not even want to go swimming in the sea, even though he ventured several times into the waves in the past. Justin Bieber does not like bathing in the waves for fear of shark attacks "I'm scared in front of sharks. I swam [in the sea], but I do not like it, I guess because I just fear sharks. "Understandable, because who does not. What's amazing is that Justin Bieber called this his biggest fear. In fact, he seems to be quite brave in all areas of his life while he is dry! SE