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Freddy Quinn: "Do not worry - I'm not dead yet!

Freddy Quinn is alive and well. But: he wants to rest ...
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Now he breaks his silence

For years he had gone underground. No word, no sign of life. After the death of his partner Lilli Blessmann († 89) in 2008, Freddy Quinn (80) was swallowed from the ground. "I just want to forget, " he said in one of his last interviews.

But now Freddy Quinn breaks his silence! He defends himself against the voices that had repeatedly speculated about his health. Osteoarthritis, a mysterious eye disease - even cancer was mentioned.

When we meet Freddy Quinn on Lake Constance, he looks fit, agile - far from a frail man. His eyes are clear, the handshake firm, the skin has a healthy tan. With a resolute voice Freddy gives us an exclusive interview.

Countless fans are worried about you because of the many reports. How are you?

I'm fine. So it does not need to worry about me.

How is your life today?

I am over 80 and retired. I do not do anything anymore. I worked hard for over 50 years. That's enough! I just want to be left alone. I have earned that too.

Why are you no longer seen in public?

I do not need that anymore. I do not want and do not need to work anymore.

How so?

For my first record with "Homesickness" and "Her name was Mary-Ann", I signed a fee agreement in 1956. For these two songs I got a flat rate of 480 DM each. The record was sold six million times. That was the basis for my later good record contracts.

What about your health ?

I am doing very well. I am not terminally ill, as so often has been written. Now even my inheritance is being distributed. But I'm not dead yet. I'll take care of my inheritance myself. Believe me. But health is not alone in our power. For good health you need good genes, obviously I have that, endurance and especially discipline.