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With this trick, you cook noodles much faster

Frying pan instead of saucepan
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  1. How to cook your noodles efficiently
  2. Why should you use this method?
  3. A super-fast tomato sauce

How to cook your noodles efficiently

Noodles are perfect when hunger strikes and you do not feel like cooking with a lot of effort. But until the water boils in the saucepan and the noodles are ready, it has felt like half an eternity with a growling stomach. With a trick, the pasta cooks but much faster - and saves electricity!

For the trick you need:

  • A deep frying pan
  • Cold water
  • noodles

How to cook your noodles quickly and efficiently:

1. Put the noodles in a pan and fill with cold water. The noodles should be covered with water.

2. Place the pan on the stove and heat it.

3. When the water is almost completely absorbed / evaporated, you can already test whether the noodles are ready.

4. Do not dump the remaining pasta water, as there are still uses for this, as we describe in this article.

Why should you use this method?

  • You save money on noodle cooking in the pan because you use less electricity and water.
  • The noodles do not stick together due to the cold water (especially handy with spaghetti!)
  • And best of all, you can do something about your hunger, because the noodles are faster with this method!

A super-fast tomato sauce

Use the trick with the frying pan to cook a super-fast tomato sauce. This works so well because the pasta water in the frying pan contains a lot of starch - much more than with the conventional saucepan method.

Add just passed tomatoes, tomato puree, some sugar (or a sugar alternative like honey), salt, pepper and spices to the cooked noodles in the pan and let everything boil briefly again - and then your quick noodles are done with tomato sauce! Since you only used a pan for noodles and gravy, even doing the dishes faster.