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Facebook changes its name after protesting Drag Queens

Photo: THOMAS HODEL / Reuters / Corbis

In the future, artist names will also be valid

In order to give Facebook spammers and wrong accounts no chance, it is mandatory to use its official name. So far, this rule also included people with pseudonyms - especially drag queens.

From the drag scene, there were some protests against Facebook's full name, since they had made short work of pseudonyms and artist names: The account in question were simply deleted from the social network.

The drag-queens Lil Miss Hot Mess and Sister Roma did not like that and climbed on the new Facebook competitor Ello. In an official statement, Facebook manager Chris Cox apologized yesterday for dealing with the artists and assured that they could use their accounts back to normal in the future : "We want everyone on Facebook to use the same name they use in real life For Sister Roma this is Sister Roma and for Lil Miss Hot Mess is the Lil Miss Hot Mess. "

Previously, an unknown person had reported hundreds of similar accounts as false and thus provided for their temporary deletion. According to Chris Cox, it's difficult for Facebook employees to tell which accounts are real and which are fake, although hundreds of them would be checked weekly.

In any case, Sister Roma and Lil Miss Hot Mess were delighted with the Facebook apology and quickly turned their planned protest event into a victory celebration.