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Dining room set up: Three dining spaces in a mix of styles

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  1. Three charming invitations
  2. Dining room set up: Romantic Café
  3. Dining room set up: retro cocktail
  4. Dining room set up: nature dinner

Three charming invitations

With a lot of feeling for style and the right mix: Our dining areas are naturally modern, colorful and trendy or romantic in the countryside - there is one for every taste.

Dining room set up : Romantic Café

Delicate and feminine is the table situation in the country house style. Pastel shades and floral patterns determine this look. The furniture is characterized by attention to detail - with flourishes and ornaments. Our tip: A beautiful ceramic mug instead of a vase fits wonderfully to the rural touch.

Bellflower: Lamp "Granny" has several lampshades in flower shape. Fabric cover, about 209 €, Car. Late summer greeting: A bouquet of dahlias in a ceramic jug relaxes. H 18 cm, about 28 €, the tropical house. Pastel party: Delicate colors and butterfly motifs adorn the cups "Papillon". Ceramics, each about 26 €, Miss Étoile. Classic: wooden chairs in the country house look. Set of 2, 97 x 47 x 55 cm, about 190 €, Otto. Floral decoration: Cushion cover "Sandra" makes for cosiness. Cotton, 60 x 40 cm, about 15 €, Ib Laursen. Piece of jewelery: At the table "Bradford" the whole family has space. Made of wood, 78 x 160 x 90 cm, approx. 898 €, Loberon

Dining room set up : retro cocktail

The dining area in pop art outfit focuses on colors and patterns. Here, the furnishing style of the 60s and 70s is reinterpreted. Bright colors meet pastel shades, geometric patterns decorate textiles and walls, curved shapes are typical of the furniture. Our tip: A striped wallpaper is sometimes enough for a little retro flair.

Hello Sunshine: Pendant lamp "Ball" radiates over the table. Steel, about 59 €, Bolia. Point victory: Caipi or Daiquiri? Glasses "Dot" set drinks in scene. 15 cl, each about 4 €, Zak! Designs. A splash of color: The "Kitchen" table adds a dash of the 50s to the retro mix. Wood, 78 x 120 x 80 cm, about 130 €, Maisons du Monde. Interaction: For more pep in the dining area you combine the chairs "Forum" best in different colors. Made of wood, about 75 x 61 x 53 cm, about 139 €, Kare

Dining room set up : nature dinner

Light wood furniture flirts with accessories in industrial design. This dining area thrives on the charm of the contrast: Modern and cool materials such as metal and steel are combined with warm wood. In terms of color, restrained, natural tones dominate. Our tip: Loosen up the furniture with individual colorful accessories such. B. a wall clock something.

Glossy effect: With a copper-colored interior, the black lamp spreads warm light. Metal, about 68 €, Car. Farbkreis: At the clock "Roulette" the hours are colorful. MDF with fabric inserts, about 65 €, Kare. Dice game: Candlelight conjures a beautiful atmosphere. Stand "cube", steel, from height 7 cm, about 48 €, Cairo. Sample pieces: on the black and white ceramic plates, dinner becomes a luxury dinner. Approximately 14 €, Nordal. Gray Zone: The rustic dining table presents itself as a concrete look. Wood with MDF board, 75 x 90 x 140 cm, approx. 300 €, impressions. Industrial style: metal meets wood: chair, 84 x 52 x 60 cm, approx. 280 €, Car

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