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DIY tip: cute snow globes

Photo: deco & style

Winter Wonderland

Snow globes remind us of our childhood. We've changed the classic shape a bit and created two deco ideas that will bring the winter magic to your home.

You need this for the snow globe with deer:

  • Modellbau-Rotwild (about 7 €, Preiser)
  • Modellbau-Baumchen (Modellbaubedarf)
  • Artificial snow (craft shop)
  • moss
  • small silver plate
  • water glass

And that's how easy it is:

1. Put deer on an upside-down plate. Show little trees and sprinkle artificial snow around them.

2. Put a reversed water glass over it.

3. Put on a moss bed.

You need this for the snow globe in the jam jar:

  • empty jam jar
  • Wood piece to underlay
  • liquid all-purpose glue
  • Modellbaulaterne (BrawaGaslaterne approx. 15 €)
  • Winter figures (Preiser, ca. 13 €)
  • Artificial snow (craft shop)
  • Railway Transformer
  • nail
  • hammer

And that's how easy it is:

1. Place the jam glass lid on the piece of wood and pierce a nail. Remove the nail.

2. Coat the lid with liquid glue from the inside.

3. Thread the lantern cable through the nailed hole and glue the lantern into the lid.

4. Place the winter figures in the lid and sprinkle the interstices with artificial snow. Let dry.

5. Screw the glass onto the lid.

6. Connect the cable to the transformer.

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