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Helene Fischer and horses: What wish she wants to fulfill!

Helene Fischer loves horses.
Photo: imago / Christian Schroedter

Just before the start of the sensational tour

She loves music. But there is something else that makes her shine properly

These are pictures of Helene Fischer (28), whom we have never seen before. With leather jacket and cowboy boots, the singer ("You have touched my heart") shows in her new tour book "paradise" on a horse farm. In the exclusive special magazine, Helene Fischer reveals her secret longing: to enjoy nature on the back of a horse, just to be a child again.

After all, wonderful memories come to life for her. Even as a girl she was a real horse lover, often visited a stud. "Riding gives you a sense of freedom. I would love to ride along the beach during a sunset, "says the likeable musician, who is going on a big one-day tour starting on September 18th.

To this day, she has kept that feeling in her heart. " Horses are just beautiful animals. They look so elegant and proud, but at the same time radiate an unbelievable peace, "enthuses Helene.

And she was able to enjoy this peace once more on a ride on the mare "Star". It is not surprising that the singer could imagine having a farm and horses someday. "But there's still time, " she says.

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