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Duchess Kate's earrings have a sweet secret

Duchess Kate's birthstone is the Moonstone
Photo: Getty Images

Duchess Kate likes to wear earrings. But this very special pair holds a sweet secret

Hach, we love our Kate, because she always wears such beautiful clothes. But also the duchess's jewelry deserves attention. Because the earrings that Kate wore at the tennis tournament Wimbledon, were not only beautiful, but also had a sweet secret.

Apart from the fact that the earrings are dirt cheap with a price of 155 euros for aristocratic circles, they also look great. But the little secret is that the earrings were made of antique pearls . And that's the birthstone of June next to Moonstone and Alexandrite - where her husband has Prince William's birthday . How sweet!


You can buy the earrings at Soru Jewelery. At the moment the beautiful earrings are sold out. No wonder at the price! And actually, everything that Kate wears out is sold out within a few days. We hope the earrings will be back soon. Because even without the sweet secret of the birthstone, these earrings are a real eye-catcher.

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