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These handbags are quite big, but cost very little

Big bags are just great and fit perfectly with the street style
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Are you looking for the perfect everyday handbag? Then we have our favorites here

Books, shopping and then a Tupperware or a children's toy: Insanity, what can find a place in a handbag. But exactly this handbag are our favorites, because they are so practical and therefore faithful companion in everyday life.

At least one shopper sure has every woman in the closet. Even if you rather like small bags, every woman has an opportunity when she needs a big handbag. In the plane no woman will have a very small handbag. Because, if you have only one piece of hand luggage, it should be as big as possible.

If you like to go to the sport after work, you are sure to bring a sports bag . But handbag and sports bag in one is much more practical. In a shopper, you can also easily stow your sports thing.

And though shopper bags are practical and big, they do not have to be expensive. Here are our 9 shopper favorites.