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The worst outfits in 2009

Worst Dressed 2009

Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry - never before have we been able to admire so many weird dresses as this year. We were not spared bosom and popo flashers either thanks to Amy Winehouse or Pamela Anderson.

Although Amy Winehouse does not have any big hits anymore, she has big breasts thanks to a beauty surgery. She likes to squeeze her in her old tops. What's actually worse: The outfit - or that in October 2009 in London for a meal m
We show the weirdest looks 2009.

The more eccentric the better: Ever since Stefanie Germanotta alias Lady Gaga has entered the stage, the bar for celebrities is even higher than usual. Other stylish stars like Madonna, Kate Moss and Katy Perry also want to keep up.

The weirdest looks have been put together in our gallery (20 pictures).

Those who are not quite as creative, convinced with bare skin. Nipple and Popoblitzer pull just always. Pamela Anderson and Amy Winehouse know that too.

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